niallon – Martha

After a few weeks of “I wouldn’t be a major fan of band X, Y, Z”, this week is a total 180 to my all time favourite song. I’ve spoken plenty in the past about my Tom Waits obsession and how this song was really what kicked it all off, but I’ve never paid massive attention to that label – favourite. Continue reading niallon – Martha


niallon – Wish You Were Here

Time after time, the songs I put the least effort in to have a tendency to become some of the most popular on the YouTube page. Now that’s not to say that I didn’t put a lot of effort into this cover, but it was kind’ve a spur of the moment outtake at the end of a session yet it has received some great responses, so thank you all for that first and foremost! Continue reading niallon – Wish You Were Here

niallon – Blackbird

12 years and no tracks from The Beatles. What the hell Niall? Yeah I’ll be honest that surprised even me, but then The Beatles have never really featured much in my songbook. That’s mostly on account of my favourite songs from them being the least guitar friendly to be honest, but I also have a tendency to learn the obscure tracks much sooner than the favourites. So the likes of “Love Me Do” and “Hard Days Night” would have merrily passed me by in my learnings. Continue reading niallon – Blackbird

niallon – Half The World Away

Once again the requests pay up big time! I’d previously only known this song from hearing it covered by a band I used to work with. It was one of their go-to part pieces and even then I’d no clue it was Oasis. To be honest, Oasis somewhat passed me by growing up. We had “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?” in the house alright, and Don’t Look Back In Anger was an all-time favourite growing up, but nothing else before or after that album never popped up. Yet I would count Oasis amongst my favourite bands.

I think the problem is that I only finally got into them properly well after that nineties Britpop scene had simmered down, and they were such a product and pioneers of it that maybe some relevance is lost a little listening to the like of “Definitely, Maybe” and “Be Here Now” as a thirty-something in the noughties. Pity that because I absolutely love this track. I also didn’t watch “The Royle Family” which was most people’s first introduction to it….

Thematically this slots right in with some of my absolutely favourites like “Thunder Road” and “Born To Run” about being fed up with your situation and wanting something new. Granted I can rarely find myself leaning towards the concept of getting up and getting out, but the feeling of being stuck in a rut and wanting a change is something I’ve regularly dealt with. So once again the requests bring a new song for the niallon channel and a new song for Niall and I am eternally grateful. As always, watch, like, share, subscribe!

niallon – If I Should Fall Behind

Been a while since Bruce made an appearance on the niallon channel! Unlike previous covers though this is maybe one of his lesser known tracks and I was keen to get my take on it out there. Continue reading niallon – If I Should Fall Behind

niallon – Lola

Back to the requests and again a song that I’d never have thought to cover in a million years. Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks is one of my all time favourites so that’s always been the song from their reporteoire I’ve had eyed up to cover, and if I’m being honest I wasn’t sure how coverable Lola is nowadays. Continue reading niallon – Lola

niallon – Take On Me

I f**king love this song. Obviously one might assume that if I’ve chosen a song to cover I’m probably a fan of the original, but there are some songs that I truly love, so much so I tend to think twice about covering them. Some past examples of those are Mr Brightside and National Anthem where the song pretty much terrified me at the thought of covering it. I don’t really know why I take that attitude. I mean with the average view count on the videos being around the 100/200 mark should I really be that bothered? Continue reading niallon – Take On Me