niallon – Monster Mashup 2

I’m another life I used to make short films. I’ve been a horror fan all my life and myself and a mate used to make short horror films and a few dramas to boot. I was never one of those kids you hear about that grew up to be Spielbergs and Scorceses who were making 8mm shorts in their childhood and always wanted to be a filmmaker but I have always loved the craft. Continue reading niallon – Monster Mashup 2

RWC 2019 – Where Do We Go Now?


They say the definition of insanity is performing the same action repeatedly and expecting change. Well, 9 World Cups and 7 best finishes being quarter finals is pretty insane. It is getting tired. It is getting tougher to take. It is getting harder to excuse away. Continue reading RWC 2019 – Where Do We Go Now?

niallon – Hungry Heart

I vividly recall the first time I heard this song. Oh how I bopped, oh how I loved the sax and piano led feel good factor. “This, this is what he is all about” I thought in those naive early days of my Springsteen fandom, back when I thought he was the epitome of this feel good “race away and take on the world” type songs. Then I actually listened to the lyrics properly… Continue reading niallon – Hungry Heart

RWC 2019 – Reason To Believe

I never thought I’d be taking so much hope from a trashing of Samoa. A year ago this would’ve been so expected it could threaten to be boring. What we got instead was a game of the utmost importance for a multitude of reasons, and a performance that delivered on that importance. You might think me crazy(er). You might think me foolish but hear me now believe me later – this might actually happen. Continue reading RWC 2019 – Reason To Believe

niallon – North And South

First things first, I’ve missed a few posts. The original idea behind these companion blog posts was that I would talk a bit about the song being covered but I pretty quickly ran out of superlatives for all the songs and artists I was covering. I shifted over instead to using each given cover as an opportunity for me to discuss a related topic I’d had floating around my mind. In order to not diminish that concept, I held off on a few write ups like “Beautiful Day” and “Human” because I simply couldn’t naturally think up of a topic to write on. Ideally I would have weekly posts in conjunction with the YouTube uploads but to be honest I’d rather post when I’ve something decent to say rather then just for the hell of it. Like this week. Continue reading niallon – North And South

RWC 2019 – Shall We Just Go Home Then?

“It’s 2007 all over again”. “Bridesmaids as usual”. “What has happened to this team?”. You’ve heard all of this over the last week or so. I saw someone on the fountain of information that is Twitter talk about how there are two different types of followers in sports, fans and supporters and I couldn’t agree more. Right now there seems to be a lot more fans than supporters. Continue reading RWC 2019 – Shall We Just Go Home Then?

RWC 2019 – We’re Gonna Win It Now…Right?


Irish Independent journalist Rúaidhrí O’Connor made the very valid point after the last warm up that if we were going to be so OTT reactionary after the loss in Twickenham, then by rights we had to be equally optimistic after the display against Wales in the Aviva. Admittedly, I am taking the piss a little with the title on this post but what prompted me to write this in the first place is that I wanted to bring some measured optimism to how it all looks after game one. Here it goes. Continue reading RWC 2019 – We’re Gonna Win It Now…Right?