niallon – The Lakes Of Pontchartrain

In another life I’m just a straight up trad fan. I was raised on a musical diet consisting primarily of Christy Moore and there’s rarely a traditional song I come across that I don’t enjoy listening to and singing immensely. It was just never really the music of our household growing up, besides the aforementioned Christy. This song served as a gateway between both his music and my introduction to the broader world of trad music though.

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niallon – Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

I was first introduced to this song via Rod Stewart’s cover. Suffice to say I was surprised to find out that it was originally written and recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Up until that point I solely knew them for Bad Moon Rising which in turn I solely knew as the song from An American Werewolf In London. I can confirm I’ve now educated myself far more thoroughly with CCR’s back catalogue though and this song has remained one of my favourites of theirs. Continue reading niallon – Have You Ever Seen The Rain?