niallon – This Is What It Feels Like

No, you’re not seeing double. We did a cover of this over a year back but it was…rough. So here’s a somewhat better spin on it and to be honest, I get quite a kick looking at the polar opposite nature of the two videos. Alongside our covers of TitaniumShe Wolf and others, This Is What It Feels Like is yet another one of those EDM tracks that we could see had more to it than one might initially perceive it. There is a misconception that exists that if you’ve heard one dance track you’ve heard them all, this could not be further from the truth in my opinion. More importantly, lyrically a lot of these tracks stand well above the rest with some extremely talented singers and songwriters coming in for collaboration. From all that, we then work to find the best arrangement to convert these songs from pumping club tracks into emotive ballads, and we hope we’ve pulled that off in the video below. Also, given that the response to Mr Brightside has been so strong and positive we’ve decided to open the floor to requests. Sure worst case scenario it’ll be a bit of craic, so if there’s anything you want to hear, fire it our way here in the comments, over on YouTube or any of our social media platforms! As always, watch, like, share, subscribe!


niallon – American Slang

And so we’re back! This is our second cover of a Gaslight Anthem track and not likely to be our last. I can’t speak for Peter but they’re definitely right up there as one of my all time favourite bands. As a Springsteen fan they were a natural progression, with the nod to the boss in Great Expectations (“At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet|It’s a pretty good song, maybe you know the rest”) serving as my introduction to the New Jersey quartet. To say they are in anyway Springsteen-esque or draw their inspiration from him can sometimes be met with near hostility from both fans and the band alike, though the influence is clear to be heard. But Gaslight should more so be compared to The Boss in the sense that they’re doing for the New Jersey sound now what the man himself did for it back in the day. They may not be as politically direct as Bruce, nor have they hit (or want to hit) the commercial goldmine of a Born In The USA, but they carry a thought with their music much the same, a message, a notion. No song epitomises that more than American Slang. Contextually it is wildly open for interpretation, between allusions to Brian Fallon’s father (not in fact dead, but having abandoned Fallon’s family may as well be), calls of life in the modern America, the breaking free of youth (I seem to be coming, out of my skin) or quite simply, whatever you want. The guitars clang, the drums pound and the vocals pierce. If we have even managed to capture a tenth of that in our version then I’m a happy man. Like, share, subscribe!

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