niallon – Stand By Me

And yet again I’ve totally dropped the ball on getting these written up. With that in mind, how about I just commit to getting them all done with no deadline, sound good? Cool. Context is always a big thing with regard to your fondness for a song. Sometimes you’ll have a song that you could take or leave, but if it serves as the soundtrack to a significant milestone in your life it takes on an elevated meaning. Sometimes it can just be the connection between that song and a movie or a TV show. For me, “Stand By Me” is one such song.

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The End Or The Journey?


Recently I’ve caught up on Sons Of Anarchy after years of hassle from various people to do so. Firstly, I cannot believe I didn’t watch it until now, brilliant TV. But having binged six years worth in mere weeks, I’m in that peculiar situation where I’m now watching week by week and it’s an entirely different viewing experience. As this is also the final season that I’m watching, the curious argument of the end versus the journey has entered my mind once more. What is more important – the likely to be lackluster ending or the journey that brought us there?
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