niallon – Far Away

A little bit of me is somewhat shocked we’ve actually got this one done. Opening the floor for requests is something we were quite excited about and then we got a great response with loads of great songs. Then we decided to start with an elaborate arrangement on a multitrack recording. Basically we went right outside of the comfort zone we’ve established on our YouTube page! Suffice to say we’re quite happy with the outcome though and believe we’ve done a good job of suitably niallon-ing this song. Far Away  has a special place for many due to its inclusion on the Red Dead Redemption in-game soundtrack, playing over a somewhat epic moment in the 2010 smash hit. As with so many songs that gain their notoriety from soundtracks, sometimes it’s easy to ignore them being good in their own right. I’ll be honest, I’d actually forgotten it was from the Red Dead soundtrack when I first saw the request come in and the process of learning, arranging and recording the song has left me a bigger fan then when we first began. José González’s original arrangement is more than a little haunting and in our take on it we tried to retain that, whilst branching out in very different directions musically at times. We hope you enjoy and as always, watch, like, share, subscribe!

niallon – Thinking Out Loud

I’ve gotta be honest, covering Ed Sheeran is a terrifying ordeal. The dude is just ridiculously talented and more terrifyingly – wildly adored. To say the the pressure is on when covering one of his tracks would be an understatement, but here we are, on what I’d say is roughly the fifth attempt at this particular track in 12 months, and we think we’ve finally got one we’re happy with! Peter remarked around the time we recorded this that Thinking Out Loud already has a feeling that it’ll become this decade’s Mr. Brightside. Sure, they’re two very different songs with very different applications, but the era defining nature of both and the timeless qualities shine through massively. Thinking Out Loud is an old school love song the likes of which we don’t see anymore, taking all the best element’s of The Beatles’ When I’m Sixty Four and Billy Joel’s Just The Way You Are and finding an ideal home somewhere in the middle. As always, watch, like, share, subscribe!*


*Also we swear, the requests are coming! Expect movement on that in the next few weeks!

niallon – Wagon Wheel

A whole new setup and a whole new batch of videos! We’ve gone all out in the niallon HQ and got a permanent setup going for our vids which is making life a hell of a lot easier and should bring a little consistency across our content. First of these is this week’s upload, Wagon Wheel. This song feels like it’s been around for a lifetime at this stage. We first came across is in college where our neighbours at the time were playing a regular bluegrass slot in a local bar every week. This was a staple feature of their set (usually as a medley with One Republic’s Apologise!) and we just got hooked on it from the off. This was long before the days of Darius Rucker and Nathan Carter and nobody seemed to have a clue what this song was. Then it just exploded. It was all over the radio, popping up in clubs, closing out weddings etc. It’s just a great tune, one with a weird, weird origin. The story goes that Old Crow Medicine Show frontman Ketch Secor came across a Bob Dylan outtake from the Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid bootlegs titled Rock Me Mama and with Secor filling in for the missing verses, Wagon Wheel was born. It’s a song about everything and nothing at the same time, telling the tale of a hitchiker trying to make his way across the USA with a reunion with his lover in mind. The song tells the journey and all that comes with traversing the American landscape. The funny thing is how American and un-American the song is at the same time. It contains details solely relevant to the American life and landscape, yet anyone who has ever found themselves a rambling soul will be able to relate with ease. A modern classic (oh, and make sure to watch till the end for yet another classic moment of stupidity!).