niallon – Beeswing

It’s buy one get one free season with niallon! This one was very spur of the moment as we were working through our requests list. I first came across this track via Christy Moore’s cover on his 2004 album Burning Times. As he so often does, Christy went and took a great song that he injected his own unique brand of soul into. As I always do though, I went and sought out the original and it too is just an incredible piece of music and songwriting in it’s own entirely different way. I didn’t know Richard Thompson from Adam beforehand and haven’t listened to too much of his stuff since, but the standout elements from both tracks are what I have tried to incorporate into this version. Be it the mournful weary tone that comes through via Christy or the simply beautiful guitar work on Thompson’s original, what we’ve produced here sits somewhere between the two. One of my all time favourite songs, one that I hope we have done some measure of justice to. Once again we have to commend Vicki for her awesome skills with the camera adding that extra bit of life to the video for us too. As always watch, like, share, subscribe!

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niallon – Lawless

So, this happened. I’ve rarely, if ever, tried any covers of songs written by or made famous by Christy Moore. Simply put, they can rarely be done better. Lawless is an exception though, mostly because it’s just so damn fun to sing! Written by Mick Curry, this song is an interesting one to say the least. Certain lyrics are aimed at presenting a comical story and for the most part listening to it you’ll find yourself chortling away with laughter. Then it turns. That is the point that you take one of two approaches to the song. Some find it still remains humorous, albeit severely morbid humour. But the other side of it is far more tragic if you think about it too hard. There’s been a fair few people like Lawless through the years, and there are plenty still around today.

The Last Of The Troubadours – A Conversation With Freddie White


Originally published on in April 2014

Freddie White has been around the Irish music scene through every peak and drop it has seen. As we swept through punk, rock, disco, techno and all the rest, he has kept constant with his own brand of acoustic blues/jazz/folk and all the rest barring trad, staying true to his style. Back in Ireland from his current residence in Australia, I caught up with him and his equally talented wife Trish Hickey ahead of their sold out gig in The Mill Theatre in Dundrum in April.
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Live In Concert – Luka Bloom, The Helix, 2005

I’ll admit I felt like a bit of an outsider at this gig. Luka Bloom was filming a live DVD in The Space at The Helix, an intimate venue for a mere 100 lucky attendees. Why was I feeling outcast? Well, it was my first time seeing him live in full. I had seen him play support to his brother, Christy Moore, in the Kaedeen in Newbridge but this was the first time I was seeing him in full. And here I was surrounded by his most enthusiastic fans!
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