niallon – Wicked Game

Really who doesn’t immediately think of Slipknot when they think of Chris Isaak, and vice versa? Ok I’m being a bit liberal with the facts there for the sake of shock factor, I of course mean Stone Sour. Either way, most of us are familiar with this song in one way or another but for me it was hearing their cover that really turned me on to it being more than a slightly cheesy late eighties croon fest. I mean, if Cory Taylor says so right? Now I’m sure it’s not the case for this song in particular but the curiosity of when a cover becomes more popular than the original is something that always fascinates me. Is it just because of timing? Is it the alternative spin the cover artist put on it? Or just dumb luck?

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niallon – The Lakes Of Pontchartrain

In another life I’m just a straight up trad fan. I was raised on a musical diet consisting primarily of Christy Moore and there’s rarely a traditional song I come across that I don’t enjoy listening to and singing immensely. It was just never really the music of our household growing up, besides the aforementioned Christy. This song served as a gateway between both his music and my introduction to the broader world of trad music though.

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niallon – Together Far Apart

Been a crazy couple of weeks right? All those worries that you had? Well forget about them. Plans? What plans? Don’t even think of mentioning the word summer. I really hope it has fully dawned on everyone by now, though I know it hasn’t, that this is the most cataclysmic “natural” event the human race has experienced in over 100 years. You are being asked to do things that go against every fibre of your being. You are being asked to defy every natural instinct in your body. Worst of all, you have to.

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niallon – Everywhere

Hi, my name is Niall and I only finally listened to a Fleetwood Mac album for the first time six months ago. At 31. Worse still, it wasn’t even the album this song is from. I finally sat myself down a few months back and listened to Rumours start to finish. Then did so three more times over the next few days. I’ve been hearing various Fleetwood Mac hits my entire life and throughly enjoyed every single one but I would just always get sidetracked when I reminded myself to listen to their albums. Then again if you’ve read any of my previous posts it’ll be nothing new to you that I’m absolutely awful at immersing myself in new music, modern or classic. Anyway, confessions out of the way, I finally made it full circle to covering one of their tracks, probably one of my favourites. Continue reading niallon – Everywhere

niallon – Kiss Me

It may come as a shock to…well, none of you, but I wasn’t much of a Dawson’s Creek fan growing up. I’ve also never seen She’s All That. Glad I could get that out of the way. That said, even though they are the two main reasons many people would be so familiar with this song, I can vividly recall it absolutely owning an entire summer, despite never reaching number one. How the hell does that happen?

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niallon – Dance Monkey

Those who know me, and who have read these posts, know that I am absolutely awful at keeping up with current music. I’ve always held a belief that modern music stopped resonating with me around 2010, for the most part. Back then it wasn’t just with bands like Kings Of Leon and The Killers being in their pomp but it was also when the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry rose to stardom with some absolutely cracking pop tunes. Now I know it is my duty as a grumpy old fart to say that music nowadays just ain’t like it used to be but I don’t think that’s entirely what’s going on here.  Continue reading niallon – Dance Monkey

niallon – If I Could Put My Life On Paper

Joe Dolan. In our house we couldn’t stand him. My mother is a massive Joe Dolan fan and for us as kids he was the joke, akin to Daniel O’Donnell or Cliff Richard. Adored by mothers but please for the love of God ma don’t put that tape on in the car. As happens with so many artists though, age has been kind to Joe’s career in my eyes but until now I’ve never really given proper thought to why. Continue reading niallon – If I Could Put My Life On Paper