niallon – Together Far Apart

Been a crazy couple of weeks right? All those worries that you had? Well forget about them. Plans? What plans? Don’t even think of mentioning the word summer. I really hope it has fully dawned on everyone by now, though I know it hasn’t, that this is the most cataclysmic “natural” event the human race has experienced in over 100 years. You are being asked to do things that go against every fibre of your being. You are being asked to defy every natural instinct in your body. Worst of all, you have to.

I work from home and wouldn’t tend to find myself out on the town every weekend. I have a small group that I socialise with and would see them at least once a week but outside of that it’s not uncommon for me to spend most of my time with my head buried in my iPad or listening to music. Basically what I’m getting at here is that self isolation, to be honest, ain’t that big of an ask for me. Yet I’m finding it absolutely torturous. It’s the quintessential “wanting what you can’t have” feeling. I want nothing more than to pop down to my local or pop around to someone for tea and a chat. And I can’t.

I can’t because if I do there’s a chance I’m putting my health at risk. There’s a chance I’m putting the health of others at risk. I haven’t seen the majority of my family in weeks but I’ll happily go another 12 if it means a lifetime of seeing them once we get out the other side of this. Since Covid-19 hit these shores there’s been an absolutely incredible effort made by the citizens of Ireland. We wouldn’t be the most obedient folk at the best of times and I was quite concerned we were going to arse this one up to be honest. We haven’t though, and what results we have are showing this.

However, where there’s sense there will always be fools. Many flocked to beauty spots in record numbers and were taking this “lockdown” as a holiday, that includes taking a holiday from the physical distancing rules we are being asked to abide by. Others, those of the Cro-Magnon comprehension level, are taking part in the “Corona Challenge”, which entails any combination of licking/touching public surfaces and/or coughing in the face of older persons especially whilst one of their fellow degenerates records them. I have been known to make many an idle threat and extreme rant in the past but anyone partaking in these activities truly has barely a right to live themselves. They are the absolute lowest of the low and are beyond salvation.

There’s also some who see this as a time to get partisan and judge each other’s opinions. Look, I’m no fan of Fine Gael, I let that be known quite clearly at the last General Election. That said I can fault very little of their work on this crisis so far. Cheltenham was a disaster alright and the testing numbers seem to be bouncing around the place but for the most part we are not experiencing any setbacks different to what other nations are. We’re also getting relatively clear communications though I agree with the calls for more clear information on how much testing is actually being done. Ultimately though, what’s the alternative? Call another General Election? Have the leadership group change mid-crisis? I do wonder at what point people will realise there are no sides here – you’re either on the side of humanity or you’re not.

I’m done debating the politics of it all. I’ve gotten snappy with friends and family because I’m taking out the frustrations of what I read on social media on them. I’m sorry all, for what it’s worth, but in normal circumstances I find myself shooting down fake news on a daily basis, now it literally can make life or death differences. Especially when that moron in the White House has bestowed a medical degree upon himself. Look after each others by looking after yourselves, stay home, save lives.

Hope you enjoy and as always watch/like/share/subscribe!

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Bachelors Degree in Arts from NUI Maynooth. Double Honours English & Philosophy.

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