niallon – Wicked Game

Really who doesn’t immediately think of Slipknot when they think of Chris Isaak, and vice versa? Ok I’m being a bit liberal with the facts there for the sake of shock factor, I of course mean Stone Sour. Either way, most of us are familiar with this song in one way or another but for me it was hearing their cover that really turned me on to it being more than a slightly cheesy late eighties croon fest. I mean, if Cory Taylor says so right? Now I’m sure it’s not the case for this song in particular but the curiosity of when a cover becomes more popular than the original is something that always fascinates me. Is it just because of timing? Is it the alternative spin the cover artist put on it? Or just dumb luck?

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Slipknot Finally Return To Irish Shores


“Take care of yourselves. And take care of each other”. Yep, those were the last words spoken from the stage by Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor after rocking a near capacity crowd for an extremely solid two hours. I’m opening this review with that little factoid not because it was so unexpected from the frontman of a bunch of “satanists”; no I’m opening with this information because it just completely summarises what Slipknot are all about and what those who do not take the time to learn do not realise about them. This band is there for their fans in a way not other band is. Continue reading Slipknot Finally Return To Irish Shores