niallon – Brothers In Arms

Some songs are inherently tragic. Songs like “Tears In Heaven” by Eric Clapton and “Small Bump” by Ed Sheeran spring to mind as I write that sentence. You’d wanna have a heart of pure stone for those songs to not trigger an immediate emotional response. It’s not just that they’re sad though, they deal with the death of a child and a miscarriage respectively and for the majority of people those are relatable topics. What about when a song is covering a sad but far less relatable topic?

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niallon – Helplessly Hoping

In another life I was a massive country music fan. To be honest I’m not entirely sure that I ever stopped…or if I was ever fully aware in the first place. Though Crosby, Stills & Nash might not be the most out and out country music going, covering this song has led me on a serious trip down country music memory lane and found me evaluating my relationship with the genre.

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A Year (And A Bit) Of I’m Talkin’ Here


A little over a year ago, March 2014 to be exact, I kicked off I’m Talkin’ Here in earnest. I had reserved the WordPress space for a few years on account of my contributions to the now defunct Irish News Review. I had no idea what blogging really was and, stick with me here, I still don’t. Part of my reason for conjuring up this post is to try put some context on what the hell I’m Talkin’ Here actually is and what it is I aim to achieve with it. Basically, I love the sound of my own voice. Let me try make that seem a little less arrogant; I’m an opinionated little s**t. I got out of college in 2011 with a degree in English & Philosophy and not much of a clue what to do with it. Still don’t. Pretty quickly though I found myself contributing pieces to the aforementioned Irish News Review and maybe had sights set on the world of online journalism. This in turn drew me to WordPress and – having nearly blacked out my old Geocities and ProBoards days – I was suddenly back in the online content creation world.
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Welcome To I’m Talkin’ Here

Welcome to I’m Talkin’ Here. After many failed attempts at maintaining a consistent level of blogging, I’ve decided the best approach is to break out of niches and genres. Come to this site to read about anything. I’ll be talkin about movies, music, gripes, bug bares, rugby, Ireland, whatever. If I think it’s interesting, it’ll be here and hopefully you will to.

Discretion advised, this is my personal blog. I write for other publications and this blog is by no means affiliated with any of them.

Phew, now that’s out of the way, let’s get Talkin.