niallon – The Lakes Of Pontchartrain

In another life I’m just a straight up trad fan. I was raised on a musical diet consisting primarily of Christy Moore and there’s rarely a traditional song I come across that I don’t enjoy listening to and singing immensely. It was just never really the music of our household growing up, besides the aforementioned Christy. This song served as a gateway between both his music and my introduction to the broader world of trad music though.

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Live In Concert – Mumford & Sons, Olympia Theatre, 2011


Midnight in the Olympia has a special place in the hearts of many eighties teens. When Gerry Sinnot took over the venue in 1977 he began this series of concerts that for a while looked unfortunately as though they could fade away. Thankfully gigs like this one came back some years ago to keep the tradition started with acts ranging from The Fleadh Cowboys to John Martin alive and well.

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