niallon – You May Be Right

This track really brought to a head how much I love the requests concept. Not only was this a song that was totally unknown to us all (well definitely myself and Peter, it seems Vicki is quite a Billy Joel fan), but it was requested way back before we had even upgraded to a three piece outfit. Not only that but even the duo videos were a rarity, scattered between weeks of solo vids. Initially I wondered if a solo reimagining was in line for this track, then it moved on to myself and Peter considering a multi track pre-record, before it finally landed here with a full band performance.

What I most enjoy about this is that the track called for some substantial lead guitar work. Now, I’m not aiming for faux humility here and saying “Oh I can’t play lead guitar”, in a pinch I can and I can more than hold my own with the basics. I do consider myself a vocalist and rhythm guitarist first and foremost however and in recent years I have strayed further still from playing any lead guitar. So then we arrive at a song which requires a rhythm guitar, lead guitar and a saxophone, at times simultaneously. Ok, we definitely stood no chance one of us would turn into a sax player, but through some thorough reworking that subbed in the bass for sax we managed to pull it off. Well, in theory we did until I completely f**ed up the first two bars of the solo. But in all I was quite chuffed with our re-arranging techniques and with an eye to playing live as a three piece, arrangements and performances like this are massively important for the growth of the group.

Then of course there’s the song. As I’ve mentioned multiple times before myself and Peter are massive fans of Bruce Springsteen and to me this song is the closest that these two favourite sons of New Jersey have come to each other. You May Be Right slots in alongside songs like Sherry Darling and Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) with absolute ease in my mind and it was great fun taking on the challenge of creating a live big band sound with only three people. Hopefully we’ve done it some justice and as always – watch, like, share, subscribe.

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