niallon – Kiss Me

It may come as a shock to…well, none of you, but I wasn’t much of a Dawson’s Creek fan growing up. I’ve also never seen She’s All That. Glad I could get that out of the way. That said, even though they are the two main reasons many people would be so familiar with this song, I can vividly recall it absolutely owning an entire summer, despite never reaching number one. How the hell does that happen?

Over the years many songs have achieved that less than coveted status of being absolutely huge yet never reaching that number one spot on the charts, at least on their first attempt anyway. Most famously “Fairytale Of New York” was consigned to number two by the Pet Shop Boys covering Elvis. I mean, how the hell did that happen? Of course music is subjective and we can’t avoid that we are in that territory here. For a lot of us it is inconceivable that anyone would regard “Fairytale…” as anything but the greatest Christmas song of all time. For many though it is anything but and to be fair, Pet Shop Boys take on “Always On My Mind” was damn catchy.

For me it’s akin to sports when the best team doesn’t always win. On any given day, anyone can take the crown. If we look at it solely on the personal level, you can assume that nearly every song I’ve covered on the YouTube channel is a new or old favourite of mine. Therefore, a part of my brain simply cannot fathom somebody not thinking any of these songs are one of the greatest of all time. But of course I then have to course correct. Everyone has different tastes. Really it’s the main struggle for any song to become one of the immortals, the one everyone loves. Even some of those supposed nailed on classics such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “Living On A Prayer” have their detractors. Some aren’t keen on the artists, some might be super fans but just don’t like those particular hits.

I myself have got some fan favourite tracks from my favourite artists I’m really not keen on. Bruce Springsteen fans heap praise on songs like Ramrod and Factory but they’d rarely make it into my rotation for example. It’s not that I’m not a fan but if it’s a choice between them or pretty much any others I’ll take the others any day. The mistake one can make here is the assumption of perfection from a given artist though. I’ve held up many a poor album as a masterpiece in the past. Sticking with The Boss, I’m really not keen on 2012’s Wrecking Ball. About half the tracks on it I absolutely love but then the rest fall into the exact opposite bracket. They just don’t do it for me. It’s not his job to just make the music I want to hear though, he made the music he wanted and needed to at the time.

So I’m not all that surprised at how some of those absolute classics just don’t do it for some people, when I look at how even one of my favourite artists can drop tracks that just don’t do it for me. That’s ok. Music would be so incredibly boring if everyone liked the same thing and artists just kept churning out the same content.

But honestly….how can you not love this song? 🙂

As always enjoy and watch/like/share/subscribe!

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