niallon – Take On Me

I f**king love this song. Obviously one might assume that if I’ve chosen a song to cover I’m probably a fan of the original, but there are some songs that I truly love, so much so I tend to think twice about covering them. Some past examples of those are Mr Brightside and National Anthem where the song pretty much terrified me at the thought of covering it. I don’t really know why I take that attitude. I mean with the average view count on the videos being around the 100/200 mark should I really be that bothered?

Well, yeah, I should. It’s all a part of how important music is to me. This is a topic that can tend to get very airy and romantic when I bring it up but I honestly couldn’t hold music in a higher regard. Some of my earliest memories all centre around something music related, and so I bestow an importance on it above all others. As a result of this I take cover versions pretty seriously. I don’t see the point in covering a song if it doesn’t resonate with you. It’s the main reason I tend to bounce around the request list because some strike me sooner than others.

It also means I double down when I’m covering a song I’m a big fan of. Like Mr Brightside before, this cover of Take On Me spent a long long time in development. I knew I wanted to “niallon it up” and switch it from the upbeat pop song it is to a slowed down ballad, and unlike Brightside I had an acoustic version by the original artist to work from. All the same I was never happy with any arrangement I concocted. I was then asked to provide music for a friend’s wedding and very early into trying out potential songs for the ceremony, this cropped up again.

I think the limitations of the day helped me finally make a call on this arrangement. At a wedding I wasn’t going to be, nor should I be, the focus of the day. So I had to strike the balance between a version that could happily exist in the background, but still carry the weight and emotion of the day itself. Safe to say I’m happy with this result and hope you are too. As always, watch, like, share, subscribe!

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Bachelors Degree in Arts from NUI Maynooth. Double Honours English & Philosophy.

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