niallon – Blackbird

12 years and no tracks from The Beatles. What the hell Niall? Yeah I’ll be honest that surprised even me, but then The Beatles have never really featured much in my songbook. That’s mostly on account of my favourite songs from them being the least guitar friendly to be honest, but I also have a tendency to learn the obscure tracks much sooner than the favourites. So the likes of “Love Me Do” and “Hard Days Night” would have merrily passed me by in my learnings.

“Blackbird” first came to my attention in school when I heard someone from one of the other bands playing it as a bit of a warm up. I’d never heard it before so I asked what it was, last thing I expected to hear was “The Beatles” given that I was more used to the likes of “A Day In The Life” and “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” but I gave it a listen and fairly soon it became a staple of my own jamming.

Throughout the years Paul McCartney has offered various different explanations of the meaning behind the song but the one I’ve always settled on is that it generally relates to a yearning many of us feel, to do more. To be more. And the song serves as the voice telling us to just go and do it. As someone who specialises in debate and procrastination that’s a message I am more than happy to hear and as a result I love playing this song.

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Bachelors Degree in Arts from NUI Maynooth. Double Honours English & Philosophy.

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