niallon – If I Should Fall Behind

Been a while since Bruce made an appearance on the niallon channel! Unlike previous covers though this is maybe one of his lesser known tracks and I was keen to get my take on it out there.

Human Touch and Lucky Town are easily the two Springsteen albums that have received the least of my attention (I don’t think I’ve actually managed a start to finish listen of Human Touch to be honest). For this reason I easily could have paid this song little or no attention, were it not for Live In New York City. That album, marking a long overdue return of a complete E Street Band to the live scene, contains a simply breathtaking version of this song.

With time it has become something of a heart breaker, with vocal duties provided from several band members including the late Clarence Clemons. In his time with the band, Big Man contributed some backing vocals here and there and some more lighthearted contributions in the likes of the ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’¬†live cover, but here he is more prominent than he ever has been. It was actually this video¬†that served as my first introduction to this song, before I’d listened to either of the two albums it featured on, and it was after Clemons had passed away

Just the sight of him entering the frame and delivering those softly sung vocals…man it’s just a perfectly captured moment. The song of course stands alone as one of the most beautiful love songs ever written too, no doubt about that, but that added layer of sadness in it will always stick with me. Hope you enjoy and as always watch, like, share and subscribe!

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