It’s Time To Leave The Capsule If You Dare


David Bowie

The Thin White Duke has passed on to his great reward at 69, and I don’t even know where to start. With the passing of Robin Williams two years ago I reached a realisation that is today becoming more and more concrete – this is what getting older is, and my heroes and idols from┬ámy childhood are beginning to succumb to the grasp of mortality. I’ve had many a heated debate over what can be deemed an “appropriate” level of response from Joe Bloggs to the passing of a celebrity and the rules for myself haven’t changed in this regard, I can’t think of a single other thing to do right now but type, so that’s what I’ll do. Continue reading It’s Time To Leave The Capsule If You Dare

Live In Concert – David Bowie, The Point, 2003


I’ve been to a whole lot of gigs in my life. Until I hit the age of 16 they were mostly my father bringing my brother and I along to the likes of Neil Young, Sting, The Eagles and more, making sure we saw the classics while they were still around (or at least still around and still good!). One exception to this however was David Bowie. Until recently, I’ve never had more anticipation and excitement dwell within me for a gig than this one. My brother, Colin, is the Bowie nut admittedly, but all three we were ecstatic in the build up.

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