niallon – Coconut Skins

By the end of this requests experiment I feel that our taste in music will be massively diversified. I mean, that was half the point of the exercise to begin with but as it has turned out, the songs requested have come fairly out of left field. I personally wouldn’t know Damien Rice outside of his biggest release, Cannonball, and I have in fact covered that track in the past. Being honest though I wasn’t keen on seeing one of tracks come through as a request as I expected it to be more in line with his low key material, and we’ve plenty of that posted already! What a relief to find this track then and damn it’s fun to play and sing! Couldn’t even begin to give you an interpretation of it but hey, we don’t always need that. Don’t forget, if you want to hear any particular song sound off here in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Watch, like, share, subscribe!

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niallon – Thirteen

The first of the remakes! So, the niallon YouTube page has been around for many years (just shy of 10, holy crap!) and back in the day, YouTube had some requirements. One of those was rendering videos at a certain aspect ratio in order for the frame to fit properly. As time has gone on though, YouTube has gotten smarter, at the expense of some of these older videos. I’d link to the original upload of Thirteen we had online as it has mysteriously been set to Private (mwahahaha!) but here’s another one of the older vids below that shows exactly what I’m talking about:

See? Awful right? So whilst we’ll be uploading new tracks not done by us before, there’ll be some remakes coming along too, starting with this one. Thirteen is an absolutely beautiful track from a group called Big Star. If you’ve never heard of them, trust me you have heard at least one track by them. They wrote Down The Street which was covered for the theme tune to That ’70s Show so we all have at least that. This track was introduced to me waaaay back via a cover done by Elliot Smith and from there I tracked down the original and I’ve been playing it ever since. A great song, perfectly encapsulating what it is to be a lovestruck teenager. Watch, like, share, subscribe!