niallon – Thirteen

The first of the remakes! So, the niallon YouTube page has been around for many years (just shy of 10, holy crap!) and back in the day, YouTube had some requirements. One of those was rendering videos at a certain aspect ratio in order for the frame to fit properly. As time has gone on though, YouTube has gotten smarter, at the expense of some of these older videos. I’d link to the original upload of Thirteen we had online as it has mysteriously been set to Private (mwahahaha!) but here’s another one of the older vids below that shows exactly what I’m talking about: Continue reading niallon – Thirteen

Guinness Series – Too Soon To Be Cocky?


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Yes we beat the second best team in the world, after they just beat the best. Yes the hype and hysteria was completely justified. Yes – all talk of winning the World Cup has ramped up massively. Maybe that isn’t quite so justified. Either way questions of whether or not Georgia can cause an upset here should be gone now. Without wanting to sound too cocky, the question is how much Ireland will win by.

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