World Cup 2015 – What’s On Your Mind Joe?


There’s certainly a future with some multinational corporation as a professional secret keeper for Joe Schmidt. Two warm up games to go, three weeks out from the opening round of the World Cup and still nothing is clearer. Andrew Trimble, Tommy Bowe, Gordon D’Arcy, Jack Conan and more have all been released to their provinces and he has a team including a third different 13 in as many weeks to go up against the Welsh. Then there’s those Ian “Scrum Half” Madigan rumours to boot…. ah here, let’s get into it. Continue reading World Cup 2015 – What’s On Your Mind Joe?

The Inbetweeners 2 Review


Judgement and critique isn’t something you can exactly direct towards the Inbetweeners franchise. For starters, it has absolutely no shame whatsoever. Ninety percent of the humour in it comes from taking the envelope and just flinging it off a cliff. The second main reason is that, it’s funny. And that’s all it has ever claimed to be. And with this latest movie, that tradition is still alive, albeit with less strength than the first installment. Continue reading The Inbetweeners 2 Review