The Goggle Box – The North Remembers


Full spoilers for Game Of Thrones below

Game Of Thrones S05E03 – “High Sparrow”
Ok, I’m not getting… Bored, per se. This is TV at its finest and I wouldn’t dream go about hating on GoT, but parts are starting to drag and I think I know why if you asked me at any point during Seasons 1-3 I would have told you how little I give a crap about Bran Stark and his three eyed raven mission. The decision was then taken that Bran, Hodor and company would be omitted from Season 5 entirely Continue reading The Goggle Box – The North Remembers

Flicks On Flix – Ronin


Ok so maybe this isn’t one of those “best films you’ve never seen” types but for the purpose of this piece I’ve not once seen it recommended on my Netflix home screen so that’s enough. Ronin is a relic of days gone by, pre-excessive CGI, when action flicks rested their success heavily on some script smarts and the ensemble cast such as what you see here. Continue reading Flicks On Flix – Ronin