niallon – Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

Somehow, I’ve never once made an attempt at covering this song previously, which is kind’ve shocking considering I spent my teenage years obsessed with it. Hell, I was even reminded over on the niallon Facebook page that it was one of the songs I performed for my Leaving Cert practical in school. Maybe it’s just because it’s been covered to death I subconsciously blocked it out. I do remember having a very specific jumping off point with this song though, and it all came down to interpretation. Continue reading niallon – Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

niallon – Wonderful Tonight

In 1977 Eric Clapton released Wonderful Tonight, possibly one of the greatest love songs ever written. He wrote it for his then partner and soon be wife Patti Boyd. The couple would go on to be married for 9 years before separating, a marriage that was rife with infidelity, alcoholism and domestic abuse. So what does that then mean for the song? Continue reading niallon – Wonderful Tonight

Live In Concert – Neil Young, The Point, 2001


Well, unfortunately, they can’t all be good. It’s dawned on me that the first three Live In Concert features have been a little too universally positive so I figured it was time for me to show that I also have the ability to not enjoy a gig! That side of things begins, unfortunately, with my first ever “real” rock gig when I caught Neil Young in 2001.
Continue reading Live In Concert – Neil Young, The Point, 2001