niallon – American Slang

And so we’re back! This is our second cover of a Gaslight Anthem track and not likely to be our last. I can’t speak for Peter but they’re definitely right up there as one of my all time favourite bands. As a Springsteen fan they were a natural progression, with the nod to the boss in Great Expectations (“At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet|It’s a pretty good song, maybe you know the rest”) serving as my introduction to the New Jersey quartet. Continue reading niallon – American Slang

niallon – First Date

So it would seem my ability to remember this blog exists is non-existent. The main reason for this is a good one though, as the niallon project is back in operation in a big way. To shed a bit of light on that one, myself and my good friend/roommate/archnemesis Peter tend to make music every so often and about a year back we tried to start up our little project, going under the title of niallon, in earnest. And it went terribly. I blame summer. But here we are again and it’s all looking awfully consistent for 2016, the aim being that we get at least one video per week online. So here’s one of our recent efforts and I’ll post them here on I’m Talkin’ Here as we go along. Watch, like, share, comment, subscribe, whatever you wish and hopefully you enjoy them!

Live In Concert – The Gaslight Anthem, Olympia Theatre, 2010


Back in 09 a buddy pointed out a band to me in Rolling Stone. They were from New Jersey, they played in a punk rock fashion and one of their songs directly lifted/referenced Bruce Springsteen lyrics. ‘Nuff said, I was interested. What followed from there was me well and truly developing an obsession with Gaslight that has remained solid to today, and with them playing here in a few months what better time than now to look back at when I first saw them.

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Chuck Ragan Works The Workman’s


I’ll try not to dwell in this too much but thank God Chuck Ragan’s voice is the main drawing factor to see him live because the chances of actually seeing him live last night in The Workman’s were slim and none. This was my first time attending a gig in the venue and unless it’s for a particularly under the radar unsigned act I doubt I’ll be back. Quite simply, it’s a great venue that just isn’t up to the task when it is at capacity and the result of leaving the performance area for any given reason is that you will spend the night in the front bar listening on the PA. Continue reading Chuck Ragan Works The Workman’s