The Goggle Box – Stone Mad


Full spoilers for Game Of Thrones below

Game Of Thrones S05E05 – Kill The Boy

Dragons! Winter! Theon! Ramsay! This week saw Game Of Thrones get a little closer to the territory this all started in. Damn it’s good to have Winterfell back, didn’t even know I’d missed it! That said its a little sad that a Tyrion and King’s Landing-lite episode is one of the best of the season so far but hey, characters have to move on and change. Continue reading The Goggle Box – Stone Mad

Gone Fishin – On The Fly

My father fly fishing Blessington Lake earlier this year

So from canal, to lake, Carp to Pike, in my younger years I’m pretty sure I covered everything coarse fishing could offer. Around the time I turned 12 my father decided myself and my brother should be introduced to the drug that is fly fishing. Funnily enough, though it rules my fishing life today, I was anything but keen at the beginning.
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