Chuck Ragan Works The Workman’s


I’ll try not to dwell in this too much but thank God Chuck Ragan’s voice is the main drawing factor to see him live because the chances of actually seeing him live last night in The Workman’s were slim and none. This was my first time attending a gig in the venue and unless it’s for a particularly under the radar unsigned act I doubt I’ll be back. Quite simply, it’s a great venue that just isn’t up to the task when it is at capacity and the result of leaving the performance area for any given reason is that you will spend the night in the front bar listening on the PA. Continue reading Chuck Ragan Works The Workman’s

Live In Concert – Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium, 2009


It may not be obvious yet, but over the course of my posts here (starting today) it will materialise that I’m a Bruce Springsteen nut. No tattoos, no I haven’t heard every song, but in the six years since 2008 I have gone to nine of his gigs, and once he keeps going so too will I. Up until last year, but that’s a story for another post, 2009 was the peak year in this legacy of The Boss, encompassing three gigs two countries and a whole lot of music.
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Live In Concert – David Bowie, The Point, 2003


I’ve been to a whole lot of gigs in my life. Until I hit the age of 16 they were mostly my father bringing my brother and I along to the likes of Neil Young, Sting, The Eagles and more, making sure we saw the classics while they were still around (or at least still around and still good!). One exception to this however was David Bowie. Until recently, I’ve never had more anticipation and excitement dwell within me for a gig than this one. My brother, Colin, is the Bowie nut admittedly, but all three we were ecstatic in the build up.

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