niallon – Fire

This one is a bit of a coincidence, solidarity with Bruce and all that. No this was just another one of the remakes, the original upload of Fire being one of our more popular ones, and we decided to drag it kicking and screaming out of the black and white mullet days into a more presentable HD world. Then North Carolina and HB2 happened. I’m not going to pontificate, much, on this situation but suffice to say there has been an attempt made by a government organization to alienate and segregate members of the LGBT community and any opposition of that is a cause I can always get behind. My favourite musician gets behind it with a grand show of power? I’m there in a heartbeat. Bruce Springsteen has never been one to hold his tongue, whether he is letting his thoughts be known when a presidential candidate uses his music against his wishes, speaking out against immoral government practices or simply the state of his homeland he holds so dearly. To have him cancel his scheduled concert in North Carolina, and in turn find many other artists shining a spotlight on the HB2 passing, has been greeted by mixed reactions from the public. I, for one, will gladly say that if he had cancelled the two Dublin gigs next month, I’d be pissed. But I would understand and relate and ultimately, should these cancellations lead to the right result, I would be happy. It’s the 21st century, it’s time to realise there are no “normal” people and there is no one true model that humanity should conform to biologically. In Ireland in particular we made a massive leap last year, a leap I never thought I would see in my lifetime. Let’s let that not be the only one.

But enough of my soap boxing, here’s our latest for this week, Bruce Springsteen’s Fire. 


Take A Look At A New Ireland


Holy crap you actually did it. In the final moments of voting on Friday, it was easy to let the fear kick in. Fear that logic, rational thought and common sense might not win out. Fear that the clock would be wound back on Ireland’s progress to acceptance. Waking up on Saturday morning to the early news that the ammendment looked set to pass, it was hard not to feel a little overwhelmed.
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Friday Full House 01/05/15


It’s May! Not that that means a sodding thing in this cursed land of wind and dropping mercury but hey, it’s May! Biggest news of the week is today’s announcement of Gordon D’Arcy’s retirement from rugby this coming October… But that wasn’t covered here so here’s everything else :
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Let’s Talk Same Sex Marriage


This is my personal blog. I am an editor and contributor to but due to the content of this post I do not intend to publish it to said website, at least not personally anyway. Opinions will be expressed below that are biased, passionate and solely my own. I don’t wish to cause offense…. But I will.
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