World Cup 2015 – What’s On Your Mind Joe?


There’s certainly a future with some multinational corporation as a professional secret keeper for Joe Schmidt. Two warm up games to go, three weeks out from the opening round of the World Cup and still nothing is clearer. Andrew Trimble, Tommy Bowe, Gordon D’Arcy, Jack Conan and more have all been released to their provinces and he has a team including a third different 13 in as many weeks to go up against the Welsh. Then there’s those Ian “Scrum Half” Madigan rumours to boot…. ah here, let’s get into it. Continue reading World Cup 2015 – What’s On Your Mind Joe?

Mad Max : Fury Road Review


Do not go and see this movie if you want to be informed. Do not go and see this movie if you’re looking for in depth reflections on society. Certainly do not go and see this film based on the presence of Tom Hardy alone. Go and see this film if you appreciate an art form that we thought was lost, the good action film. Go and see this film if you appreciate a visual spectacle that outdoes any of the cartoon CG silliness we get spoon fed these days. Go and see this film if…. Just see this film.
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The Goggle Box – Stone Mad


Full spoilers for Game Of Thrones below

Game Of Thrones S05E05 – Kill The Boy

Dragons! Winter! Theon! Ramsay! This week saw Game Of Thrones get a little closer to the territory this all started in. Damn it’s good to have Winterfell back, didn’t even know I’d missed it! That said its a little sad that a Tyrion and King’s Landing-lite episode is one of the best of the season so far but hey, characters have to move on and change. Continue reading The Goggle Box – Stone Mad