Flicks On ‘Flix – Community


No, we’re not moving over to Fridays. This week’s Flicks On ‘Flix has been delayed because it is an extra special one. At least it is to me. This week we’re looking at Community. Beloved by few, if Nielsen Ratings are to be believed, Community has become a cult hit since it began six years ago, taking the tropes of other TV shows and movies and spinning some hilarious meta humour at them. Its career is a storied one and it looks for all intents and purposes that it has finally come to a rest with this most recent sixth season. Season 1 – 5 are available on Netflix and there is no better time than now to binge and take in the wonderful nugget of comedy that was Community.
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The End Or The Journey?


Recently I’ve caught up on Sons Of Anarchy after years of hassle from various people to do so. Firstly, I cannot believe I didn’t watch it until now, brilliant TV. But having binged six years worth in mere weeks, I’m in that peculiar situation where I’m now watching week by week and it’s an entirely different viewing experience. As this is also the final season that I’m watching, the curious argument of the end versus the journey has entered my mind once more. What is more important – the likely to be lackluster ending or the journey that brought us there?
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