Go Play Your Video Games (Part Two)


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Once the Mario 64 buzz had subsided, it was time for a step forward (via Mario Kart 64 which still ranks as the best in the series and arguably one of the best car sims). Like many others, I awaited the arrival of what was then known as Dolphin with baited breath. Nintendo showed screen shots of this wonder console, and in a time before the PS3 and 360 well, my God it was as next-gen as we thought we would get. But then, it all went a little quiet. And what had started as this rumoured powerhouse suddenly became just another console. I went dark side, I went Sony.
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Go Play Your Video Games (Part One)

Image courtesy of gimmegimmegames.com
Image courtesy of gimmegimmegames.com

What is it with these electronic cartoons that has us so obsessed? Video games have been causing controversy as long as they have been in existence, be it the addictive nature of them, the gratuitous content often found in them or generally just the fact that they’re an incredibly fun form of entertainment and so must be deemed unholy. In an effort to have a look at the pros and cons of video games, let me dip into my own history with them.

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