niallon – Merry Xmas Everybody

Man it’s been one hell of a year. Things got extremely quiet on the niallon front earlier this year, with Peter away we had one solitary upload carrying us through most of the first 4 months of the year (and even that video was filmed late 2016!) We got back on course in June though with Mr Brightside and really that video served as a bit of a watershed video for our channel. We were actually primarily looking to get a cover of This Is What It Feels Like done in that session and Mr Brightside was an off the cuff attempt that wound up being the main video from the day. The reason this became such a landmark video for us was because until that point we had been very business like with the niallon channel at times, everything was laid out in a neat plan because that way then we couldn’t screw it up. We were being smart and prepared, but as a result we were missing out on the great music that can be created through spontaneity.

As the year progressed we continued this trend, coupled with some requests and we also turned into a somewhat full fledged band to boot! Essentially we wound up then with the variety we find now – the solos, the requests and the bands. Sometimes these categories overlap with each other, and sometimes we can wind up with a few weeks in one particular neighbourhood. All 3 of us have 9 – 5 commitments we work around too and on a lot of occasions logic and practicality will dictate what we can or can’t get done on a given week. One thing that we will always maintain though is that as long as the fun is there, we will keep producing this content. The last thing this project was ever supposed to feel like is a job, we have enough of those already. This is our outlet, our opportunity for creativity. We do it for ourselves, but the thought that even one person might watch is enough to keep it going. Thank you to you all for the likes, watches, shares and subscriptions up to now, and here’s hoping it can continue. Merry Xmas Everybody 😁

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Go Play Your Video Games (Part One)

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What is it with these electronic cartoons that has us so obsessed? Video games have been causing controversy as long as they have been in existence, be it the addictive nature of them, the gratuitous content often found in them or generally just the fact that they’re an incredibly fun form of entertainment and so must be deemed unholy. In an effort to have a look at the pros and cons of video games, let me dip into my own history with them.

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