Springsteen Set For Croke Park


As an avid Bruce Springsteen fan and as the proud owner of an unused Garth Brooks ticket it’s hard to respond to this news with anything but at least mild trepidation; but all signs indicate that Bruce Springsteen is set to play two nights in Croke Park this coming summer. Continue reading Springsteen Set For Croke Park

Live In Concert – Bruce Springsteen, RDS, 2008


Seven years ago, my life changed. Not some personal epiphany or near death experience; I got a new soundtrack. I actually can’t remember what specific song or moment it was that turned me onto Springsteen, I’m thinking it was “The River”, but what I do remember is that not since Tom Waits had I known so instantaneously that an artist’s music fit so perfectly in with my styles, though I don’t think even then I could have foreseen the fanatic I would become.

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Dublin Grooves To Jake Clemons


Dual blogged on Irish News Review

Rarely I go to a gig entirely oblivious to the music of whichever artist I go to see. I’ll usually at least know their biggest hit. But when said artist is the sax player in my all time favourite band, good faith alone sees me buying a ticket, and I’m glad I did. Continue reading Dublin Grooves To Jake Clemons

Live In Concert – Bruce Springsteen, Giants Stadium, 2009


It may not be obvious yet, but over the course of my posts here (starting today) it will materialise that I’m a Bruce Springsteen nut. No tattoos, no I haven’t heard every song, but in the six years since 2008 I have gone to nine of his gigs, and once he keeps going so too will I. Up until last year, but that’s a story for another post, 2009 was the peak year in this legacy of The Boss, encompassing three gigs two countries and a whole lot of music.
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