Damn, You’re Annoying


I always have one problem when watching The Inbetweeners. That problem is that under no circumstances would I ever tolerate Jay. When I was growing up – when I was indeed an Inbetweener – I had mates like that. I’m still friends with one of them (he knows well who he is and he’s fine with it) but looking back now there were so many opportunities when I would have been completely justified in telling him to sling his hook. Continue reading Damn, You’re Annoying

The End Or The Journey?


Recently I’ve caught up on Sons Of Anarchy after years of hassle from various people to do so. Firstly, I cannot believe I didn’t watch it until now, brilliant TV. But having binged six years worth in mere weeks, I’m in that peculiar situation where I’m now watching week by week and it’s an entirely different viewing experience. As this is also the final season that I’m watching, the curious argument of the end versus the journey has entered my mind once more. What is more important – the likely to be lackluster ending or the journey that brought us there?
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Is The Walking Dead Actually A Good Show?


Remember Lost? Good. Now, remember why you watched it? Was it because week on week it was engrossing and high octane? No, it was because it presented more questions than answers, and we all watched religiously trying to get to the end of the puzzle. I was a devout follower for two seasons, then I quit. It just wasn’t good. I returned and binged to the finale only out of sheer morbid curiosity. I wasn’t disappointed I had done so, but I do know that if there had been even a false resolution by season two or three, that would have been enough for me.
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