niallon – Falling Slowly

Back when I was in school it seemed that everyone was a superfan of The Frames. Except me. That’s not really an uncommon anecdote in my music fandom, I have always tended to have a small set of artists/bands I like and I’m usually extremely slow to take to a new artist. I do feel I missed out with The Frames quite a bit though, and Glen Hansard in general is one of those artists where every time I hear his content, I tend to give it a thumbs up and say I should listen more. It’s hard work sometimes though.

My reluctance to take new music on board is far from intentional. I have a certain pocket of favourite artists, all of whom came about between the 70s and early 00s. I don’t necessarily have an aversion to new music per se, but when given the choice of listening to a new album from an artist I’ve never heard of or listening to a classic from one of my favourites, nine times out of ten I’ll choose the latter. It’s laziness really, I won’t dispute that. Probably the last band I managed to take on board having know virtually nothing about them is The Gaslight Anthem and they’ve gone on to become one of my all time favourites, so I’m well aware that I’m missing out!

It’s not entirely out of laziness though at the same time, sometimes through the years it was out of spite. See, once upon a time we didn’t have Spotify, leaving you two primary methods of discovering new music. Besides going and forking out huge amounts of money (for the time anyway) on albums, you found yourself relying on the radio or music channels on TV. Ours was not a household blessed with music channels and I didn’t listen to the radio, so I would stick to the tried and tested option of listening to my old favourites on the CDs we had around the house.

I remember in school there was nothing I hated more than being greeted with the typical scenario described below:

“Have you heard the new song from X, Y, Z?”

“No who are X,Y,Z?”

“You haven’t heard of X,YZ? OH. MY. GOD. How have you not heard of them?”

It’s a conversation I grew tired of and if I’m being honest, I was guilty of inflicting on others at times too before I copped to it. In general it would make me go on the defensive and rather than be open to hearing some new music I’d get salty and just decide against it. The most notable example of this I can recall was The Killers. Hot Fuss released in 2004 when I was in my final year of school and it was easily my first year of college before I decided I was a fan. This was whilst “Mr Brightside” proceeded to take over the entire music scene and became one of the go-to closers in every pub and club, but there I stood defiantly saying I wasn’t a fan.

It’s far from a normal attitude to take, of that I’m aware, but it can be worth thinking of next time you find yourself in the presence of someone who hasn’t watched that TV show you adore, or heard that song you can’t stop listening to. I know for a fact that I’d have heard far more of The Frames far sooner than I did if someone had just said “Hey, check these guys out”. Maybe it’s me being a touch over-sensitive, wouldn’t be the first time, but I think sometimes it’s best to park the passion. Or maybe at least to channel it slightly differently. You might be impressed with the results.

But enough on that, hope you enjoy and as always, watch, like, share and subscribe!



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