niallon – Wish You Were Here

Time after time, the songs I put the least effort in to have a tendency to become some of the most popular on the YouTube page. Now that’s not to say that I didn’t put a lot of effort into this cover, but it was kind’ve a spur of the moment outtake at the end of a session yet it has received some great responses, so thank you all for that first and foremost!

Once again I find myself repeating the old adage, I’m no Pink Floyd fan. I never really took to them, but at the same time hold no ill will towards their content. Just not for me. This track though is one of the first I ever learned to play, namely it was one of the first tracks with any form of a lead line that I ever mastered. It’s become somewhat of a go-to jam on the guitar for me, similar to Blackbird last week. But as does tend to happen, the significance of songs can change as time goes on. The title alone, Wish You Were Here, stirs up one thing and one thing only when I listen to or play this song – loss. We all have to deal with it as we grow older, some of us have to deal with it far too soon in life.

I’ve spoken about my uncle Michael here on this blog in the past and the effect his death had on myself. Not long after he passed, I sorted out many things I had put on the long finger, namely my career. Then last year in the space of four months I lost both my remaining grandparents. When it comes to our more elderly relatives, a certain morbid part of your brain can accept that hand in hand with people getting older, the likelihood is that they will pass. You can fool yourself into thinking you’re prepared and that will somehow make it better, but it doesn’t. Of course it doesn’t. These last few years I have taken a much more significant meaning out of this song as the lyrics and overall mood of it seem to align entirely with the loss of a loved one. Original meaning? Songwriters intent? Who cares. If a song can resonate that strongly with you, go with it.

The loss of anyone close to you leaves a colossal hole in your life, and it is a fool’s errand to try and fill it. Instead you should embrace it, find whatever it is you want in life that helps to support you, but don’t try to cover over the loss. For me, that thing is music, listening and performing. For 4 minutes I can sing a song written by someone I never have and never will meet, and it sounds like it’s talking straight to me. Whatever that thing is in your life, it should stand side by side with you and help you face down the void. It never leaves, but you learn to manage with it. 

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