niallon – Monster Mash Up

Way back in June 2007 I uploaded a cover of my favourite song to YouTube, Tom Waits’ heartbreaker ‘Martha’. It was a long-ass time ago but I’m pretty sure I primarily did it cause I could. Sure, I’m a singer, a guitarist and a songwriter – I’m never gonna refuse an opportunity to get my music and covers heard – but YouTube didn’t remotely resemble then what it has become now. The concept of becoming a “Youtuber” didn’t really exist back then, it was still that magic site where if you were looking for a video it was there, and you’d watch it on your desktop too might I add with smartphones only just breaking onto the scene back then.I had been in a band from 2004 to 2006 and we gained the type of success that most teenagers would be happy out with. Then the band broke up. Since then myself and Peter, who was the drummer in said band, have made several attempts to recruit members and get a band up and running. All attempts failed to varying degrees but the one constant was the YouTube page, primarily because it allowed us to spread our limited resources better. What started out with an old Hi8 Sony camcorder and no proper audio recording, evolved into better recordings of live performances filmed in HD via smartphones, then bringing us up to now where we’ve bumped up again to proper video and even more advanced levels of production in the audio. We still live and breathe for live shows (and that’ll be coming down the line very soon!) but the new level of investment in the YouTube page we have stepped up to has led to a lot of fun and rewarding work.

This week’s video is unquestionably the culmination of the evolution the channel has undergone. It’s definitely the highest level of production we’ve ever done on both audio and video, coupled with the fact that we have a new member onboard too (everyone say “Hi Vicki!”). In hindsight, giving ourselves roughly 10 days to get the whole thing done from conception to publishing was probably not the greatest idea we ever had, but on the other hand I think we managed to produce a damn good video in such limited time. Scratch that, even without taking the timeframe into account I’m damn happy with it. I’ve said before that we don’t really know what the YouTube project is or what long term plans there may be for it, but for now it’s the best way we can make music and get it out there to an audience, and as long as we enjoy it then long may it continue. I hope you enjoy the vid and though we might need to go back to some more basic stuff for a few weeks, rest assured we’ll be going down a route similar to this again before the year is out!

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Bachelors Degree in Arts from NUI Maynooth. Double Honours English & Philosophy.

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