niallon – Not In Love

Another request, another song totally new to us. Even though I’ve seen Crystal Castles live and would consider myself somewhat of a fan of The Cure, this song had never managed to cross my radar! Once again though the magic of the requests pays off and we now have another track in our repertoire I could easily see getting played again down the line. Approaching the arrangement on this one was interesting, somewhat similar to Far Away in many ways. On the one hand there was a straightforward acoustic “hash it out” type approach on offer but as we dug a bit deeper we found something more substantial. We actually didn’t discover until well after the fact that this was a cover itself, originally released by Platinum Blonde and listening to the original we probably fall more in line with that but that’s to be expected I guess, once we decided to strip away the more electronic elements from it.In the past we’ve covered the likes of David Guetta and Fragma with the aim being to put a new spin on songs whilst hopefully opening up the access to a broader range of genres. Crystal Castles would definitely be of a niche variety which unfortunately means many would easily overlook this track, and diving further still I doubt I’d have ever heard any Platinum Blonde without discovering they were the originators of this track. Sometimes people can be very quick to label music of a certain type as “not my thing” or the wrong genre and when I say people I most definitely include myself in there because I’m a nightmare for this at times. Sometimes though it’s worth taking songs as just that, songs. Peel away the genres for a moment and just take the song as it comes. I can guarantee that in a worst case scenario you’ll find yourself with a new outlook on a song you had maybe long since wrote off. With that rant from the highest hill over and done with, watch, like, share, subscribe!

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Bachelors Degree in Arts from NUI Maynooth. Double Honours English & Philosophy.

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