niallon – Let Me Entertain You

I mean, you can’t really not like Robbie Williams can you? Leaping from background dressing in Take That to one of the biggest male musicians the world has ever seen seemingly instantly, and a lot of down to this song right here Let Me Entertain You. As we did with Toca’s Miracle way back when, myself and Peter have a tendency to try and find things in songs that might not be glaringly obvious in their original versions. The concept of this process being – why cover it if it’s just going to be a karaoke carbon copy? The idea with Toca was that it maybe has a little more depth lyrically than one would think from the off. Sure, it’s not some spectacular triumph of the written word, but there was something there. I think we may have gone further than before this time out. Let Me Entertain You is a bombastic opener, a rousing cry to the masses to let go and be taken in. In it’s original state, it captures this manic need to shake free of it all brilliantly with rocking drums and blaring horns letting you know instantly this is gonna be a wild ride. Lyrically, it’s also about a person persuading someone to cheat on their partner. How many of us get that listening to it day in day out on the radio etc? I didn’t for a long time that’s for sure. So we decided we’d turn it into a whiskey and cigarettes style bluesy number. Is the connection not obvious? 😀 There’s actually not much of an origin story or reason here to be honest, the topic of doing a Robbie Williams cover came up, then we settled on this track and the one single decision taken was “not like the original”. From there we went as far opposite as we could and so the jazz lounge version you hear today was born. Personally, I’ve always been drawn to these types of stripped down performances because it allows me to hear lyrics I previously missed, or hear them in a way I previously misinterpreted so I guess if at least one person that listens to our spin on Let Me Entertain You and takes just that from it, I’ll consider it a success. As always, watch, like, share and repeat!


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Bachelors Degree in Arts from NUI Maynooth. Double Honours English & Philosophy.

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