niallon – 21 Times Around The Sun

So we finally get back around to the originals, starting with 21 Times Around The Sun. This song has been knocking around for a while, and same as Thirteen, we had a version up on the YouTube page from years ago, but it has since then gone through a tonne of revisions. The origin of the song was when two of my friends, the first (2) of the gang to turn 21, had a quiet moment of reflection one evening (they were drunk, I’m pretty sure) and got to thinking about how, for all the hoopla made over 21st birthdays, that they will have travelled around the sun 21 times. Cool concept right? Even if you think you’ve achieved nothing when you reach that eponymous age, you’ve at least got that to your name. From there the song was concocted, written in the week before the party and debuted there. Originally it was a little stilted, too much focus on the lyrics and not enough on the song overall I think. But over the years we have worked on it and I think we finally have it nailed, nowadays it resembles very little of the original version but it’s all the better for it. As per usual, watch, like, share, repeat and make sure to watch to the end!

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