The Goggle Box – Too Far?


Full spoilers for Game Of Thrones below

Game Of Thrones S05E06 – “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

When a show begins with a pilot episode featuring a young child falling, seemingly to his death, you expect a great deal of taboo. When said show can still shock you five years later you can do nothing but commend it. Yet,

this week with the stolen innocence of Sansa at the hands of Ramsay, did GoT go that one step too far? I’m not suggesting for one second that the show and the creative team should strive to neuter the content in anyway, but if you’re going to reach extremes like we saw this week and furthermore make it the cliffhanger, people may be left with too sour of a taste.

Look, Ramsay has to die and if it be a slow, bloody and painful demise at the hands of Sansa and Brienne then all the better. None of this Joffrey style slow choking please. But as well as the show has portrayed the belittling of Theon and Sansa it is still a hard stretch to believe that both let him just rape Sansa as he did. Sometimes GoT can be guilty of too much illogical content as a result of striving to curb expectations. Also, screw you Littlefinger. Due to his adoration of Catelyn we thought Sansa was surely safe under his masterplan but no, he still just wants the Iron Throne and his first Grand step is securing the North. Another grim death that needs to come quick.

No Dany or Jon Snow this week, instead we got two major road movie segments, one good and one awful. Starting with the good, please don’t kill Jorah. The back and forth between him and Tyrion has been excellent and whilst haggling with the pirates for their lives I found myself laughing out loud for one of the first times in this series. “Cock merchant” indeed. As for the awful, I feel a lot of book readers must be disgusted at Dorne in this season. All my book aficionado friends had been sharing their excitement over the southern territory finally making an appearance but thus far it resembles something from an Erroll Flynn movie. It’s all a little… I don’t want to say fake but…not right. And don’t get me started on the Sand Snakes versus Bronn and Jamie. Dear lord, they can’t act and at no point during that swordfight did I feel as though a character could be in danger. A rare mis-step in an otherwise solid season.

Finally this week King’s Landing held some good plot momentum as the Tyrells got stopped in their tracks of planned domination, the trial going anything but to plan and now the dynamic has shifted greatly in King’s Landing. Admittedly Cersei still has a bit of a headless chicken vibe about her but at least we have some interest. Also, Thommen, nice defensive work there pal. Seems the king is as feeble as we would have presumed.

All in all we got more progress, the odd dip (Dorne, why?) but there’s real meat on the way. Two episodes and then the inevitable shit storm with episode nine, it’s gonna be a good June for sure.

Game Of Thrones airs Mondays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

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