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Full spoilers for Game Of Thrones below

Game Of Thrones S05E05 – Kill The Boy

Dragons! Winter! Theon! Ramsay! This week saw Game Of Thrones get a little closer to the territory this all started in. Damn it’s good to have Winterfell back, didn’t even know I’d missed it! That said its a little sad that a Tyrion and King’s Landing-lite episode is one of the best of the season so far but hey, characters have to move on and change.

Within Winterfell we got a much clearer look at Sansa’s current situation and finally a Stark got to come face to face with the husk of a man Theon has now become. This was particularly interesting; had it been Arya that encountered Theon you would think she would have been enraged and disappointed that she doesn’t have the opportunity to get some revenge on a fully functioning human. That moment was cut into something of a victory for Sansa however, even if there’s little or not chance she could have done something, as Roose Bolton announced to the “family” that he and his *ahem* darling bride are expecting – and that it is likely a boy. Ramsay has only just become a Bolton and now sees it all about to fall away, a nice bit of a “ha ha” moment for Sansa.

Elsewhere we got some mildly interspersed time with the Night’s Watch which entailed Jon arranging with Tormund to try and sway the Wildlings into joining with the Watch to fight the White Walkers, and Stannis showed once more why he is an awful leader and set out for Winterfell, turning what could be the biggest army in the land once more into persons divided. Life at the Wall has gone a little stale again to be honest, though it was great to have Sam reading of Dany’s activities in Meereen. We’ll take any and every bit of cross over we can get and this was a nice “ahh, cool” moment.

Speaking of Dany, she had some pivotal progress this week as she fed one of family leaders of Meereen to her dragon offspring in the wake of Ser Barristan’s demise. Was Charles Dance’s pay cheque really that big that we can now afford all this dragon goodness? Who knows, but I’m happy. More important events occurred across the narrow sea as we discovered that Grey Worm is in fact still alive and after three days recovery he comes to and confesses his love for Missandei. On top of this, Dany then decides to once again open the fighting pits, for free men only, and declares that she will indeed marry Hizadr. Whether he wants it or not it certainly beats becoming a dragon’s chew toy. But that wasn’t all the narrow sea had to offer, no no. It seems crazy given that this looked like a Winterfell-centric episode from the offset but the final five minutes gave us most of the meat of episode 5 as Jorah brough his Tyrion carrying ship through Valyria in an effort to avoid the leers of pirates. Firstly, Tyrion gets a glimpse of Drogon flying overhead which serves to remind us that few in the West have actually received any solid confirmation of the dragon renaissance and secondly that the HBO promotional material wasn’t lying! Then comes the piece de resistance though, as Jorah and Tyrion are attacked by greyscale suffering stone men. Damn this was exciting, and though the slow walk and turn from Tyrion let us know instantly what was coming, the reveal that Jorah was in fact touched and is now suffering from greyscale was a serious note to end the episode. How long does this stuff take to consume? Stannis spoke last week of the no hope situation he was given regarding Shireen, how soon is Ian Glenn a goner and is he going to turn demented and prove a threat to Tyrion? Will I ever get to watch a TV show or movie where he, one of my favourite actors, bleeding makes it to the end?

So much happened this week and it was the perfect amount of content following on from last week’s finale which screamed out as a catalyst for further big moments to come. We are only four episodes from the ninth, traditionally the big spectacle moment in each season, and of course we are at the midway point for the season. Things looked a little ropey two weeks ago but now we would appear to be right back on course. Brilliant.

Game Of Thrones airs Mondays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

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