Flicks On ‘Flix – Grabbers


You won’t find me recommending many Irish films outside of a certain holy collection I swear by that I will write about another time. I avoided this film for a long time due to severely low expectations at the thought of it being just another let down of an Irish film and I found myself delighted to be proven wrong and thoroughly delighted that I had watched one of the finest horror comedies I have ever seen, within Ireland or not.

Grabbers I should point out is an instant exception because, though written by an Irishman, it has a British director. We do words, not images, here in Ireland and Irish films work all the better for it when that is adhered to. Plot wise well let’s not dwell but Grabbers is set on a remote island off the coast of Ireland. We follow Gardaí Lisa Nolan and Ciaran O’Shea, a workaholic and alcoholic respectively, as they police the day to day happenings in one of Ireland’s most rural corners. And then a giant sea monster shows up. Wait, wait come back. Erase any memories of Rawhead Rex you may have, Grabbers plays it entirely for laughs. Some decent scares even sneak in at times too.

This is the closest to the Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost universe any Irish film has ever tread and God if isn’t refreshing. Far from Killinascully or Boy Eats Girl, this is some honest to God comedy and I was in stitches nearly end to end. The primary reason for this is the monster’s kryptonite – it won’t eat you if you’re drunk. Yes that’s right Ireland’s fondness for the drink has finally come up good. I will say that any film potentially making its way to foreign markets that embraces the drunken Irish stereotype usually causes a divided opinion in me if it is good but here I’m willing to let it slide as it is used so well.

The performances are roundly solid with none of the typical Fair City standard “acting” to be seen (and much kudos to Richard Coyle for his solid Irish accent) but most impressive of all is the visual effects. Created by Nvisible FX who have an impressive back catalogue including Skyfall and Edge Of Tomorrow, they are certainly a shining light of the film, bringing to life one of the craziest movie monsters I have ever seen and putting the final icing on an already hugely enjoyable cake.

This is probably one of the most easily slipped Flicks On ‘Flix you’ll see on this blog but I implore you to watch it and thank me later.

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