The Goggle Box – The North Remembers


Full spoilers for Game Of Thrones below

Game Of Thrones S05E03 – “High Sparrow”
Ok, I’m not getting… Bored, per se. This is TV at its finest and I wouldn’t dream go about hating on GoT, but parts are starting to drag and I think I know why if you asked me at any point during Seasons 1-3 I would have told you how little I give a crap about Bran Stark and his three eyed raven mission. The decision was then taken that Bran, Hodor and company would be omitted from Season 5 entirely
and I actually now find myself missing them. The key reason for this is real without the detours to the North, filler of sorts is required and it is mainly coming in the form of Cersei and King’s Landing and dear Lord I’m struggling to care.

Without Tywin and Tyrion around, happenings at King’s Landing have stagnated a little. Cersei is getting out played by Margaery and to be honest it has me just willing the days to Cersei hopefully suffering an agonising death. Her character, to me, has passed the point of simple manipulator and is now just too annoying to keep around. Controversial as that may be, I was completely on board for everything else this episode gave us. Jon Snow continues his impressive turn into becoming interesting, Arya is beginning her quest to become a Faceless (Wo) Man and Littlefinger is either showing naivety for once or is playing an epically long game with his bestowing of Sansa to Ramsay in marriage. “I’ll never hurt her”, yeah we’re gonna believe that you little freak!

Essentially, cogs are still moving but progress is halted slightly in Westeros. I can’t help but bring it back to Bran, interesting or not at least his plot thread literally had him moving onwards each time we saw him. Now it seems like life on Westeros has reached a bit of an impasse, which is understandable given the death of a Lannister and even more so Tywin would always cause that, but for viewers things need to get back in motion again.

Game Of Thrones airs Mondays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

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