Friday Full House 01/05/15


It’s May! Not that that means a sodding thing in this cursed land of wind and dropping mercury but hey, it’s May! Biggest news of the week is today’s announcement of Gordon D’Arcy’s retirement from rugby this coming October… But that wasn’t covered here so here’s everything else :

Avengers – Age Of Ultron Review
Yes, a review of one of the most anticipated movies of 2015, did it deliver?

Pro 12 – No Change At The Top
Woe for Leinster and no change in the leaders as the Guinness Pro 12 winds down to the final.

Live In Concert, The Gaslight Anthem, The Olympia Theatre 2010
Ahead of their upcoming gig this June it was time to look back at the first time they hit it big in Ireland.

Flicks On Flix – The River
Little seen and fit to disappear, The River demands your attention!

Let’s Talk Same Sex Marriage
A monumental day approaches in this country, one which will change many lives. Here’s why it has to be a change for the better.

The Goggle Box – The North Remembers
Better late than never, how was the third episode in the current season of Game Of Thrones.

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