Let’s Talk Same Sex Marriage


This is my personal blog. I am an editor and contributor to IrishNewsReview.eu but due to the content of this post I do not intend to publish it to said website, at least not personally anyway. Opinions will be expressed below that are biased, passionate and solely my own. I don’t wish to cause offense…. But I will.

I have gay friends, acquaintances, family members and colleagues. I do not care whether or not they can get married. This is down to my own views on marriage being somewhat slightly blasé – the union of two people under the gaze of God in a church is irrelevant to me. Therefore the notion that this referendum is all about letting homosexual persons marry like everyone else is just absurd to me.

No, the reason I will be voting Yes and the reason why I have finally, after staunch opposition, finally registered to do so is because I believe in equality. I believe that whatever eye the law casts on heterosexual couples, especially those with children, who marry should be extended to all persons of every walk of life. It’s just paperwork really, I mean, c’mon don’t honestly try and tell me it will have any sort of negative ratification for the “normal standard” couples in our society who are married or intend to be.

Truthfully, I run out of things to say when having this debate sometimes, such is the pointless nature of it all. We have passed through a divorce referendum in this country, something that was mainly opposed by nuns with nothing better to do at the time. The divorce referendum was huge, astronomical. Until that point Ireland was in a well and truly dark age, one that seemed horrendously illogical when it came to the logistics of married couples falling out of love with each other (which they do frequently). Furthermore the issue was complicated ten fold when children were involved. And that is where we boil down to the crux of this argument – same sex couples will have children, be it through adoption, IVF or surrogacy. It will happen, and the No side will have you believe that a child raised by a single parent is better than one raised by two of the same sex. Personally I would think a child should be raised by a loving parent, two if possible simply to share the load and share the love. God knows I’ve seen more than enough children being raised by one or two heterosexual persons in the most deplorable of fashions.

The two buzz words in this country at the minute are water and marriage. On the one hand we have the water protesters taking stands publicly, albeit the execution of their actions can leave a lot to be desired, while on the other hand the No brigade for the most part are taking their war to the lampposts, adorning our streets with quite frankly absurd posters and “facts” to try and sway the people. The water crowd however are putting faces on the voices, standing up to their government as every good democracy should when called upon to do so, whilst the No campaigners are hiding in the shadow, behind cardboard, taking their attacks out on their fellow countrymen and women.

And that is where we attempt to reach some sort of conclusion on this argument. As with the divorce referendum before it, this coming referendum on May 22nd is one of the people, for the people. Yes it is to bring a change to the constitution but the real change will come to people’s lives. When the dust has settled you will have to look some of your fellow friends  acquaintances, colleagues, strangers and family members in the eye and know that you did or didn’t try to help allow them become an equal member of our society. Remember that, in this land of a thousand welcomes. If you want it to stay that way then you know what you have to do.

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