Friday Full House 17/04/15


What a week! Well no, not really. Irish Water, those guys again, sent bills to some, not to others, sent some more bills to those who already received them, billed some hundreds, billed others €1.42. Why? All so Ruth Kopparberg and co couldn’t go burning them or binning them or whatever waste of time their getting up to these days. Has the country got this boring that this is all we can make a fuss over? Hell no, that’s why we wrote about this instead:

Pro 12 – Leinster Running It Close
Admittedly cutting it close may be an understatement, how do Leinster look in the domestic league?

The Goggle Box – Returning To Westeros
Game Of Thrones is back! How was it? Did Arya find love? Did Cersei get that model train set she always wanted? Read above to find out.

Flicks On Flix – Cube
One of Canada’s finest exports is the I’m Talkin’ Here pick of the week on Netflix

European Rugby – Snowball’s Chance In Hell?
Can Leinster actually do the job against the mighty Toulon? It won’t be easy, but just maybe…

Till next week people, have a good one.

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