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Now this, this is well and truly an unfairly forgotten film. Not exactly a box office smash on release, Go is a fantastically well put together title from screenwriter John August and director Doug Liman. That’s right, remember him? Doug Liman who can’t decide if he wants to be the director of excellent action fare like Edge Of Tomorrow or The Bourne Identity or mindless drivel like Jumper or Mr & Mrs Smith. Before all of that though he exploded on the scene with Swingers and to me, peaked with this gem.

Starring indie darling Sarah Polley along with a pre/mid-fame ensemble of Timothy Olyphant, Katie Holmes and Scott Wolf to name but a few, Go takes place over the course of one 24 hour period as three friends who work together at a convenience store all have a crazy 24 hours over the course of the same day in the run up to Christmas. That’s about as much detail as I can go for without going into spoilers but unfortunately that synopsis sounds awful.

Look, this stuff is quality low budget film making at its finest. Written brilliantly, John August manages to intertwine three people’s stories in ways that you would just never see coming, whilst also having them entirely stand on their own at the same time. Sarah Polley is ridiculously watchable and engaging as usual, Katie Holmes is actually surprisingly good and the less said about William Fichtner the better as any more would be to spoil a great thing. Timothy Olyphant rules the roost for me however, bringing the Olyphant charm to a rather less than charming individual and leading to an extremely memorable turn as the drug dealer Todd. If you are a Tarantino fan you’ll find something of a kindred spirit in Go as it manages to create its own universe within a short run time where the inhabitants experience peril and comedy in equal measure.

Watch with two keen eyes though, there are some subtleties worth spotting in this one and the hangover will just get in the way.

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