The Goggle Box – It’s Ricktatorship Time!


Full spoilers for Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead follow.

Better Call Saul S01E08“Rico”
I read a musing online (Reddit of course) where a BCS viewer observed what should have been obvious from the beginning – this doesn’t end well. Not that we don’t already know how Jimmy finds himself in the Breaking Bad time line but we do also know that come the end of this series that Jimmy has become Saul, a sleazy criminal lawyer who doesn’t have any apparent family or personal ties and though he may be sound financially he is a far cry from the 20 million being talked about in this week’s episode. It makes the series doubly tragic as it unfolds and with this week’s “Rico” I think we can safely say this is all going to go down horribly.

Jimmy discovered volumes of fraud within a retirement home occupied by one of his clients. He chooses to pursue this as a massive case is being dangled in front of him, one that could make his career, and of course he consults with Chuck for help. I’ll be honest, I’d figured Chuck was going to be the stumbling block that cut Jimmy down on his path to greatness but until this week I never had any sniff of it being through anything but Chuck being a dead weight for him. It now looks for all intents and purposes as though Chuck will end up stealing this case from under Jimmy, be it through the legality of it as suggested by Kim or through Chuck actually betraying his brother and taking it from him. The cold opening showed us Jimmy passing the BAR and offered up why he didn’t find himself working for HHM but I’m not as convinced as many others are that Chuck was part of the rejection, my money is still on Hamlin being the villain. Kudos to Michael McKean though – his performance showed such a balance of shock, reservation and pride that it’s hard to exactly how he feels about his little brother making something of himself.

Two episodes to go and I have to say this has been one of the most triumphant debuts I have ever seen from a series. Better still, I have no idea where they’re going.

Better Call Saul is available Tuesdays at 7am on Netflix


The Walking Dead S05E15 – “Try”
Slow episodes seem to draw the eyre of TWD fans more so than any other TV viewers. Yes of course a large contingent of viewers only tune in for the gore and on the flip side of that some of the previous slower episodes have veered right into full on soap opera territory. The latter trend was fairly well dealt with in Season 4b however with the slower episodes going to character development rather than stupid avoidable scenarios as they have done in the past, and when you realise how much the deaths of Beth and Tyreese affect you then in turn you see the importance of these installments.

This week though, even I couldn’t defend it. Not that it was a bad episode exactly or that it came anywhere close to the bad of Season 3 (“I Ain’t A Judas” I’m looking at you!) but there’s no denying that “Try” went for a lot of angles and pulled off few, as well as doing so over an unnecessarily long stretch of time. I’m all for Sasha and her PTSD but, we get it. This is a universe where it’s a shock that everyone isn’t a basket case by now so move on. We also don’t need so much build up to Rick finally going for Pete, who disagrees that spousal abuse is bad? What I’m saying is that we could have had Rick V Pete come along mid episode and that would have prevented what has me so concerned – TWD rushes finales. Season 3 aside, this is a show that has always provided good season enders but each and every time you feel as though the last episode was just a race to whatever explosive moment closed out the season.

Comic readers have our own theories as to what big event from this arc in the course material will close out Season 5 but for me I don’t think any of them could he dine properly now given that certain events or introductions should have been covered this week. I’m hoping I’m wrong, wouldn’t be the first time, but we can only wait and see.

The Walking Dead airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX

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