Friday Full House 20/03/15


Busy week this week – trespassers going to court, Enda getting the Obama cold shoulder and most importantly – there was even a little sunshine (particularly little thus morning thanks to a certain eclipse). Here’s what you might have missed:

Six Nations 2015 – Ireland Brought To A Halt In Cardiff
What a horrible way to start your week but yes, Ireland slipped up in Wales last weekend. Where did it all go wrong? Find out above.

Six Nations 2015 – The Maths
I’m Talkin’ Here does the hard sums, so you don’t have to!

The Goggle Box – Saul Slows Down As The Walking Dead Goes Gruesome
It was a slow week for Better Call Saul and anything but for The Walking Dead this week. #Gorefest

Flicks On Flix – The Edge
This week’s installment filed under “I don’t know what to watch!!”

Wolfenstein : The New Order Review
A, slightly premature, review of November’s latest installment in the long running shooter series.

Chuck Ragan Works The Workman’s
Ragan brought the fire but the venue left us cold on Wednesday.

Six Nations 2015 – Don’t Forget To Breathe
How much pressure can you take? Will the barstool withstand the four plus hours of rugby ahead? We can’t answer those questions, but we can distract you with the preview above.

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