Friday Full House 13/03/15


Trapped under a rock and unable to reach your smartphone? Abducted by aliens who are allergic to laptops? Whatever the reason may be we’re here to help. Here’s a roundup of what I’m Talkin’ Here had to say this week:

Let’s Fly To The Sun
A divisive article at best, I’m Talkin’ Here wonders if Hollywood and the blockbusters have lost their sense of fun. How long before The Avengers are taking seats in the UN?

The Goggle Box – House Of Cards Splits The Deck
Season 3 of House Of Cards has been and gone and opinions are mixed to say the least. Find out the thoughts of I’m Talkin’ Here on the latest season of the juggernaut series.

The Goggle Box – Sullen Mike And The Domesticated Dead
Both Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead had big episodes this week with the former going Mike-centric in a very rewarding move and the latter went all Stepford as the ramping up to the finale continues.

Flicks On Flix – Blitz
The first in our new weekly, all you Netflix subscribers out there looking for new content to watch look no further, Flicks On Flix is here to help you find those titles that may miss your homepage.

Six Nations 2015 – Heaslip Returns For Welsh Showdown
Jamie “Wolverine” Heaslip makes an unexpected return to the Irish starting XV for tomorrow’s clash with Wales. Can he and the rest of the squad overcome the Welsh in part one of the two part Grand Slam double header? Find out above.

Six Nations 2015 – Changes Abound For England And France
Stuart Lancaster knows he still has a chance at the title, are his player shake ups enough to make the difference this weekend?

See y’all next week!

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