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Browsing through Netflix in more detail than I ever have before last week it struck me how many films are there but could so easily be overlooked. Obviously most will look for recent content on the site and consider the convenience their money’s worth, but there’s a treasure trove of content on their that won’t be pushed on your recommendations and you probably won’t find it without searching. So here on I’m Talkin’ Here you’ll find the best of Netflix that you didn’t even know was there, starting today with 2011’s neat action flick, Blitz.

Probably not exactly and unknown film but easily one you could avoid when you see Jason Statham on the cover photo looking as if he’s about to launch into another Transporter film. He’s not though, as Blitz is based on the hard crime novel of the same name by Irish author Ken Bruen. Straight away, having a couple hundred paperback pages behind it, Blitz has a little more meat to it off the bat. The plot sees Aidan Gillen play a serial killer, the titular Blitz, who is targeting cops in London. It plays out like a feature length bigger budget episode from any of BBC’s more high end crime dramas, which is no bad thing at all, and it has a certain quirk to it.

Gillen plays it up big time as the aforementioned Blitz, though not exactly hamming it up at the same time. Against Statham’s stoic tough guy it works very well. And of course Jason Statham isn’t alone, partnered up with Paddy Considine as the mild mannered foil to him. The two work well together and whilst it isn’t too challenging, it’s nice to be reminded that Statham can act once in a while outside of his primary territory. Don’t get me wrong, the world is a better place with the Crank movies and anything else of an insane nature that he has made but as someone who was introduced to Statham by Snatch I enjoy seeing him live up to his promise as a semi-straight actor once in a while. Considine is always reliable too of course and it should be noted that as well as Gilligan the cast of this flick is also packed out with David Morrissey, Ned Dennehy, Mark Rylance and Luke Evans. Not too shabby at all.

Not having read the source material I don’t know if this is an original trait for this adaptation but one of the most interesting aspects of Blitz is that we are introduced to our killer on screen after about five minutes, and it doesn’t take much longer for the two protagonists to come face to face with him. Not a wholly original play but nice and different from the usual cat and mouse routine. Nice tough nut ending too, certainly a rewarding pay off. There are 7 novels in the Brant/Roberts series of Ken Bruen books and, though its unlikely, I’d be happy to watch another from the series based on this alone.

I watched Blitz a little fragile after an ill advised night before in the pub (what other way is there to watch an action flick?) and it definitely ticks the boxes for its genre, as well as going a little higher above what is required to make it just that little more worth the watch. Without doubt a fitting first entry to Flicks on Flix.

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